Performance Exhaust Systems

While a standard exhaust system's main purpose is to expel the used exhaust gas out of the engine of a car and minimise the noise created by this process, a performance exhaust systems can do so much more, especially if it is custom made by EMU Autoworks.

High performance cars are meant to have a performance exhaust systems because it directly affects the engine's power and performance. What this means is that the system also plays an important role in the tuning of both the engine and the car. We offer simple straight forward advise on various upgrade packages considering your requirements and budget.

EMU Autoworks provides high quality, custom exhaust systems, including:

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I recently purchased a Ford Falcon BA 5spd manual and was looking for a better note from my exhaust. EMU Autoworks provided me with a full custom exhaust system which not only gave me better fuel economy and more performance, it also sounds great!

- Chris

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